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Kissimmee Swamp Tours – The Safest Airboat Tour in Florida


Safety, health, & hygiene at Kissimmee Swamp Tours has always been one of our most important focuses.  We never cut corners on the health & safety of our guests and employees, and we are committed to the well-being of our guests.   Nothing we do here is more important than the safety of anyone who visits or works here. We have all the Coast Guard approved safety steps in place readily available.

  • Kissimmee swamp tours has the reputation for being one of the safest airboat tour companies in Florida.  
  • We use 6 passenger boats and are not required to have our boats officially inspected; however, we do have our boats checked regularly to make sure everything is in proper working condition. 
  • Our vessels are all  U.S. Coast Guard approved. 
  • All our Captains have passed the new state of Florida airboat safety class.
  • All our boats carry life preservers for each guest, fire extinguishers, a flare gun, and throw ring.
  • If we do have an incident, we have procedures in place and they are implemented immediately
  • Both of our loading docks are handicap accessible